Seminario MIBTEC

Pietro Cipresso Senior Researcher, Applied Technology for Neuro-Psychology Lab IRCCS Istituto Auxologico Italiano - Milano Assistant Professor in Psychometrics at Catholic University of Milan
Virtual Reality, Real Science: A challenge for psychological research

Computational sciences have become quite extensively used in the last decades in several disciplines. For example, computational biology and computational neuroscience have nowadays strong traditions and many models in which human science rely to address crucial questions. In this view, it is not strange that also psychometrics is approaching computational techniques and models for a better understanding relying in quantitative psychology and measurement. In particular understand and measure behavior seem to be the most interesting area where computational psychometrics can develop new solutions. In this presentation it will be showed the use of Virtual Reality to elicit emotions and specific behavior to be included and measured in computational models. In particular specific solutions will be proposed for integrating VR platforms with artificial simulations, to make decisions based on possible scenarios. The approach will be presented in both its analytical structure (also with nonlinear system dynamics) and based on computational simulation models.

Lunedì 10 settembre 2018, ore 14.30

Sala Lauree del Dipartimento di Psicologia, U6 (3° piano)

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