Research Centres

Research centres are bodies whose aim is to carry out, promote, and disseminate study and/or research activities in specific scientific sectors.

Below are the research centres the Department is involved in.

COMIB (Centro di Ricerca in Ottica e Optometria di Milano Bicocca) Research Centre in Optics and Optometry

COMiB was constituted in 2015 at the Department of Materials Science to create a link between the academic world and the productive activities integrated throughout the national territory. The main objective is to coordinate and develop new studies and research in optics, optometry, and all the fields related to the world of vision, thanks to the contribution of experts with different skills.

NeuroMI - Milan Center for Neuroscience

The mission of the Milan Center for Neuroscience is to promote high-level multidisciplinary research and education in the field of Neuroscience, to uncover mechanisms of nervous system function and dysfunction at different ages.

Aspi (Archivio storico della psicologia italiana) – Historical Archives of Italian Psychology

The Aspi interdepartmental research centre was established in 2005 after an initiative spearheaded by the Department of Psychology with the participation of the Department of Legal Systems. The centre’s permanent scientific project comprises the identification, collection, preservation, and online availability of documents related to the history of Italian psychology, and more generally the history of “science of the mind”.

Initially established to re-order, preserve, and promote two archives inherited from the former Institute of Psychology of the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy of the University of Milan – those of the famed psychologists and psychoanalyst Cesare Musatti (1897-1989) and of his mentor Vittorio Benussi (1878-1927) – Aspi subsequently acquired, through donations, another 17 archives, including those of the psychologist and psychiatrist Giulio Cesare Ferrari (1867-1932), the psychiatrists Giuseppe Antonini (1864-1938) and Carlo Lorenzo Cazzullo (1915-2010), the occupational psychologists Luigi Meschieri (1919-1985) and Dario Romano (1937-2010), the psychoanalyst Luciana Nissim Momigliano (1919-1998) and the physician Mario Tiengo (1922-2010), the first in the world to have a university chair in physiopathology and pain management.

The team is comprised of archivists, psychology historians, and science historians. Over time, and thanks to fruitful collaborative efforts with IT experts and designers, the team has acquired the skills to autonomously manage the web portal that houses nearly all of the Centre’s work.

Thanks to a policy that encourages collaboration with the private sector and other bodies that hold similar archives, Aspi has launched a network of contacts that currently includes about 100 collaborators throughout Italy.

Director Prof. Mauro Antonelli  –  Archivist Paola Zocchi

Location: U6, 3rd floor, room 3029-B – U6, 2nd floor, library, room B205