Psychosocial Guidance Counselling Centre

Psychosocial Guidance Counselling Centre

Head: Prof. Elisabetta Camussi

The Psychosocial Counselling Service for Orientation is a Service within the University Orientation Network that offers free, confidential counselling groups and interviews to answer psychological questions and needs for orientation and re-orientation. Specifically, the Service offers a space to enhance resources and skills, investigating expectations, motivations, critical issues and future prospects. The goal is to foster the development of autonomy, to learn how to deal with complexity and to facilitate an overall formative and satisfying university experience, in line with the Life Design Counselling perspective (Savickas et al., 2009).

Users of the Service: final year students and graduating students in the process of choosing a course of study; first-year students; students from other universities interested in one of the degree courses at Bicocca; students already enrolled at Milan-Bicocca with current and future orientation questions; working students and adults on their first or second entry to university; students on their second degree; off-site students and foreign students for advice on planning; first-year tutors for training and mentoring activities.

Examples of questions submitted to the Service: Am I making the right choice? Why should I enrol in university?” What awaits me at university?” “What difficulties?” Will I be able to work and study at the same time?” How should I choose courses in the curriculum”; “How should I choose my dissertation?” How can I deal with doubts and difficulties I encounter in my studies?” How can I balance work, family and university? How can I settle in?” And once I graduate, what will I know and be able to do?”

Topics addressed:

  • The conscious choice of a Master’s Degree Course.
  • Critical issues in university studies and tools to address them
  • The creation of customised training programmes and feasible projects
  • Future work prospects and the deployment of the necessary resources to support them.

The Service employs professional psychologists with psychosocial training, who are registered and external to the university, as well as PhD students with expertise in guidance.

The Service receives by appointment at the U17 building (Piazzetta Difesa per le Donne), offering face-to-face, telephone, e-mail or Skype interviews. To book an interview, please write to: