Department of Excellence

At the heart of virtual reality

The Department of Psychology’s project is based on these pillars: setting up two innovative research facilities, recruiting highly qualified personnel and launching teaching activities aimed at creating an innovative and distinguished professional profile combining theoretical, methodological and technological skills. The end goal is a centre of excellence for the development and application of psychological knowledge, with an emphasis on the innovative use of advanced technologies such as virtual reality and the transfer of knowledge and its consequent impact on the socio-economic environment.

The two research facilities are the Mind and Behavior Technological Centre (MiBTec) and the Bicocca Centre for Applied Psychology (Bi.CApP).

MiBTec has a space with multiple laboratories that will enable the development of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) paradigms at different levels of complexity (from hand-held visors to fully immersive cave automatic virtual environments) and the study of human behaviour within environments that simulate real-life contexts, but can be modified in a controlled manner.

The Bi.CApP aims to expand psychological, neuroscientific and psycholinguistic knowledge on different aspects of human behaviour such as decision-making, healthy choices, healthy ageing, consumer behaviour and attitudes towards ecological issues, facilitating their transfer and application.

On the human resources front, there are plans to recruit two professors, four researchers, two laboratory technicians, and one administrative technician, as well as to set up 10 two-year research grants.

20 doctoral scholarships, 12 grants, 2 summer schools, and a dedicated fund for Visiting Scholars will also be financed.