Question Answering: past, present and future

Online Event
Alfio Gliozzo

In this lecture I'll walk students through the evolution of the Question Answering field in the last two decades, starting from traditional feature based approaches to the most recent solutions based on pre-trained Language Models such as BERT and GPT.  I will provide examples of those system taken from my direct research experience. I will conclude the talk envisioning the future of the field, introducing zero / few shot learning and generative approaches, showing how this paradigm is going to revolutionize the field.

Invited Talk Alfio Massimiliano Gliozzo on "Question Answering: past, present and future"
Hosted by Dimitri Ognibene
Alfio Gliozzo is a Principal Researcher IBM research AI, where he manages the Knowledge Induction department and he is a global leader for the area of Knowledge. He published more than 100 scientific publications, including books, papers and patents. He was part of the Deep QA team that developed Watson, the system that defeated the Jeopardy! grand masters.
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