Research Quality Assurance

The Research Quality Assurance Group is established within the Department. The group consists of 5 lecturers from the Department. The Group currently consists of:

Prof. Viola Macchi Cassia (Research contact person)

Prof. Angelo Maravita

Prof. Marcello Gallucci

Prof. Marco Perugini

Prof. Paolo Riva

The Group is entrusted with the tasks of overseeing and promoting quality policy at department level, identifying the necessary corrective actions and monitoring their implementation.

The Group:

- annually prepares the SUA-RD form;

- on the basis of previously defined criteria, annually allocates the University Fund – Departmental Quota among the professors and researchers within the Department, in accordance with the relevant University regulations;

- assists the Director in preparing the Three-Year Planning Document;

- constantly monitors the progress of scientific productivity and the impact of the research activities of the subject areas within the Department, including through the development and calculation of specific bibliometric parameters;

- checks the scientific activities of research fellows, assessing their production through bibliometric approaches and conducting regular audits.