Committee for Research Evaluation - Commissione per la Valutazione della Ricerca (CRIP)

The CRIP functions as the research evaluation body under the mandate of the University Ethics Committee, which the CRIP reports to. The CRIP evaluates projects in the various fields of psychological research in which the Department is active, and as such it is composed of members of the Department who represent various sectors of psychology. The CRIP only evaluates minimum-risk projects; the University Ethics Committee is responsible for all other evaluations. 


Prof. Angelo Maravita (Chair)

Dr. Fabrizio Arosio

Dr. Federica Durante

Prof. Costanza Papagno

Prof. Paola Ricciardelli

Dr. Alessandra Santona

Dr. Silvia Simbula

Prof. Chiara Turati

Prof. Cristina Zogmaister