The Department of Psychology is a national and international research promotion and coordination centre in a variety of fields encompassing general psychologyneuropsychology and cognitive neuroscience, the study of quantitative and qualitative methods and of formal models in psychologydevelopmental psychologysocial psychologyeconomic and organizational psychology, and dynamic and clinical psychology. It thus encompasses a broad spectrum of research areas, with contributions from psycholinguisticshistory of science, and other disciplines (philosophy, information science, sociology, social statistics, design).

The research groups working in these macro-areas participate actively in national and international scientific activities through an extensive network of collaborations comprising individual researchers, groups, and research agencies both in Italy and abroad.

The Department hosts over 20 research laboratories and two laboratory technicians to support the productivity of its various scientific disciplines.

The Department’s scientific output is highly respected in the national and international scientific communities, as documented by the excellent results achieved in the VQR assessment of research quality for the period 2011-14, in which the Department was ranked first in Psychology (together with four other departments) in the ANVUR ranking of Italy’s best university departments.