Psychological Sciences and Techniques [E2401P]

Director: Prof. Nadia Bolognini

The undergraduate degree course in Psychological Sciences and Techniques (STP) provides solid grounding in psychological disciplines by delving into  historical bases and innovative theoretical models, in addition to an introduction to the practical aspects of the discipline of psychology, its methods, and its techniques. In addition to its core courses, the degree course includes numerous electives that allow students to explore different fields of psychology in order to make informed choices on how to actively plan their future educational and career paths.

Skills and knowledge are acquired through:

 – the acquisition of knowledge, through classroom lectures, exercises, and personal study sessions;

– experimentation with methods and techniques, through participation in small-group workshops that can facilitate the acquisition of individual experience;

– introduction to professional practices, by assisting psychological tutors working in local psychological facilities, and participating in a cycle of meetings with professionals working in various sectors.

The knowledge acquired can easily translate into professional skills within the framework of a Master’s Degree in Psychology or other second-level degree course.