Advanced Specialization School in Neuropsychology

Director: Prof. ssa Roberta Daini 


The Advanced Specialization School in Neuropsychology aims to train specialized neuropsychologists with the requisite theoretical, scientific, and professional knowledge in the fields of  cognitive, emotional, and motivational disorders associated with nervous system lesions or dysfunctions at various stages of the lifespan (childhood, adulthood, and old age), with a particular focus on behavioural diagnosis through psychometric testing, cognitive and behavioural rehabilitation, the monitoring of the evolution of these disorders over time, and interdisciplinary sub-specialized aspects such as forensic psychology.

More specifically, neuropsychology must have the necessary knowledge and experience to carry out and coordinate the following activities: identifying the cognitive, emotional, and motivational deficits associated with cerebral dysfunction or lesions (language impairments, aphasia and other disorders affecting reading and writing, visual and spatial processing deficits, unilateral spatial agnosia, memory disorders and amnesia, attention deficit disorder, motor skills disorders, apraxia;, evaluating these disorders through psychometric tests, interviews, and questionnaires; analyzing the quantitative results of these evaluations through descriptive and inferential statistics and using information technology; setting up rehabilitation programmes for cognitive, emotional, and motivational disorders and interventions to facilitate functional compensation by using residual abilities; promoting, implementing, and evaluating psychotherapeutical and community interventions to improve psychosocial well-being.