Second-level Master’s Degrees

Master’s in Network Management and Co-planning of Services

Second Level Master’s Degree

Proponents: Dr. Monica Colombo, Prof. Paolo Rossi

The Master’s in “Network management and co-planning of services” is open to all students with a first-level master’s degree in any discipline and aims to develop the skills necessary for managerial and consultancy positions in innovative terms that are better suited to the complexity, uncertainty, and problems affecting organizational networks for the provision of services. The aim is to strengthen students’ skills in promoting the development of cooperative production efforts within the networks in which they operate or that they can activate.

The programme offers students the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills useful in addressing the expectations, demands, and problems inherent to organizational networks, in particular:

– developing the necessary skills to observe, analyze, and interpret local contexts and the organizational systems within them that are responsible for providing services to improve the quality of life of local population (with a view towards integrating research and development);

– developing network management skills for the construction of inter-institutional organizational networks, the implementation of integrated projects, the recruitment and leveraging of human and social resources, and the solution of conflicts of interest.

– based on the organizational position of each participant, facilitating the drafting of a role that can allow for the effective exercise of network management functions supported by adequate equipment.